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General Information

This page shows the all the glycans, across all the collections and samples, allowed by your current user permissions.

Glycobase currently displays standardized retention times for the following techniques:

  • HILIC-UPLC: Ultra-High Pressure Liquid Cromatography. Retention times are expressed in Glucose Units
  • HILIC-HPLC: High-Pressure Liquid Cromatography. Retention times are expressed in Glycose Units
  • CE-LIF: Capillary Electrophoresis Laser Induced Fluorescence. Retention times are expressed in Glycose Units
  • RPHPLC: Reverse Phase HPLC. Retention times are expressed in Arabinose Units

The values shown for every glycan represent the average standardized retention time (expressed in Glucose Unit values for HILIC-UPLC, HILIC-HPLC, CE-LIF and in Arabinose Units for RPHPLC) and the standard deviation for that glycan across the collection/sample currently displayed.

Standard deviations which are higher than 0.2 are highlighted in red.

You can alter the current selection by browsing a specific collection or collection/sample using the Glycan Collections box on the right panel

To revert to the top-level view containing all allowed collections, one can click on the View all Glycans link in this box.

Glycan Pictorial Representation

You can change the cartoon style using the Notation box on the right Panel. Currently we support the following notations:
  • CFG: Consortium for Functional Glycocomics format
  • CFGL: Consortium for Functional Glycocomics format
  • Text: IUPAC Text format
  • UOXF : University of Oxford format
  • UOXFCOL : University of Oxford Colour format

Toggle columns

To hide one column click on the top button Show/Hide Columns, make your selection and click OK. You will be able to display back that column by following the same procedure.

Retention values

To select a number of glycans between an interval of retention values (e.g. between 8.5 -10.2) click on Search Column. Select the technique from the drop down menu (i.e. HILIC-HPLC). Select the operator (i.e. greater) and type 8.5
Add another search constraint by clicking on the + button and repeat the previous step with less than 10.2
Click the Search button. You can reset to the original view at any time clicking on reset

Sorting columns

In order to sort the current selection just click on the column you wish to sort by.

Advanced Search

You can add extra criteria to you search by clicking on advanced search. You will be than able to subselect within your collection according to antennary composition, presence/absence of monosaccharides and stoichiometric composition.

Antennary Search

  • A1: mono-antennary
  • A2: bi-antennary
  • A3: tri-antennary
  • A4: tetra-antennary
Composition Search items:
  • SialicAcid: contains Sialic Acid
  • Fucose(6): contains alpha 1-6 linked fucose
  • Bisect: contains bisecting glcnac
  • B-Galactose: contains beta-galactose
  • A-Galactose: contains alpha-galactose
  • GalNAc: contains GalNac
  • Polylactosamine: contains Polylactosamine
  • Fucose Outer Arm: contains antennary Fucose
  • Hybrid: hibride definition by Author
  • Mannose: High mannose glycans
  • Fucose(3): contains alpha 1-3 linked fucose
  • Hexose: select any glycan with this Hex content
  • Hexose-N-acetyl: select any glycan with this HexNAc content
  • Fucose (Deoxy-Hexose): select any glycan with this Fuc content
  • Xylose: select any glycan with this Xyl content
  • N-Acetly Neuraminic Acid: select any glycna with this Neu5Ac content

Search Options/Mass Options

The values shown in the columns, Mass Average and Mass Monoisotopic, can be configured to include the mass of the 2-AB label. The values displayed do not include the 2-AB mass; to add it, go to Search Options, select 2AB from the drop down menu, and click the Reload button. Please note however, that all glycans shown have been labeled with 2-AB in the analysis, irrespective of the mass option selected.

Charts and Displaying Glycans

The number of glycans field and the charts displayed on the right panel updates and refreshes automatically where new search/filtering criteria are applied. At all times they reflect the view of the current selection on the main data table.


By clicking on the top button Download PDF, a pdf version of the current Collection/sample can be downloaded. A future release of the Glycobase will allow user to customize the pdf and to include charts and cartoon represention of glycans.

Available Collections

One can view the names of all available collections (which may be different to the list of allowed collections visible to a user) by clicking on the View all available collections link in the Glycan Collections box.

Further links

Further links concerning notation and enzymes used in the interpretation of chromatographic profiles are available in the Notation box in the right panel.

User Options

Users may alter their account details by clicking on the Account settings for user link in the User options box.