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GlycoBioM will develop the next generation diagnostic tool kit for the screening and analysis of carbohydrate biomarkers.

Glycosylation patterns on glycoproteins and glycolipids are involved in the regulation of inter- and intracellular recognition events and alteration of such glycosylation has been observed in many diseases, notably in a variety of cancers. The increasing number of reports in the scientific literature on specific alterations in glycosylation with diseases suggests that a systematic, large scale investigation in this area will provide a rich spectrum of novel and structurally diverse carbohydrate-based biomarkers.

Disease markers are required for many reasons, for example to achieve an initial diagnosis, stage a disease process and determine the response to medication. Glycan processing of glycoproteins and glycolipids have been noted in many if not most diseases and combinations of glycan changes are now being tested alongside panels of protein and genomic changes.

An integrated multidisciplinary approach is required to launch this full scale investigation. We will bring together a number of complementary screening techniques developed in the individual partner laboratories to develop an overall workflow design. The carbohydrate-targeted methods will involve RNA/DNA and protein analysis combining high-throughput glycomics with genomics. We will test the workflow against serum and tissue samples of healthy volunteer/cancer patients. We envisage that GlycoBioM will generate new analytical tools that can be used in routine analysis of glycobiomarkers in the clinic. Some of the tools developed in this programme should also be useful for finding new quantitative imaging biomarkers for monitoring therapeutic effects and safety in cancer.

This project is funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (grant agreement number 259869).

Currently, GlycoBioM access is available to members of the GlycoBioM consortium.

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