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the beauty of a glycan is not the sugars that go into it, but the way those sugars are put together

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NIBRT provides a range of contract glycan assessment analytical services to a diverse client base. These services are based on NIBRT's proprietary high-throughput HPLC based glycan analysis technology. Some of the key features of NIBRT's analytical services are:

  • High degree of sensitivity (LOD 2 femtomoles of sugar; 1% of glycan pool).
  • High-throughput method based on 96 well format.
  • Orthogonal verification using Mass Spec.
  • Cost effective and efficient management of client's requirements.

For further information on these services please contact us at

Recent publications by the group can be found here.

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  • HPLC-based analysis of serum N-glycans on a 96-well plate platform with dedicated database software Royle, L., et al. (2008) Anal Biochem, 376 1, 1-12




The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) is located in Dublin, Ireland with a mandate to support the development of the bioprocessing industry by:

  • Training highly skilled personnel for the bioprocessing industry.
  • Conducting world-class research in key areas of bioprocessing.
  • Providing flexible, multi-purpose bioprocessing research and training facilities.
For further information please refer to our website at or contact us by email.

Glycobiology Resources

  • GlycoBioM Project Webpage: The GlycoBioM project sponsors the development of GlycoBase under the EU FP7 Framework.
  • UniCarb-DB: LC-MS Glycan Data
  • MIRAGE: Minimum Information Required for A Glycomics Experiment.
  • GlycosuiteDB: The GlycoSuite database (GlycoSuiteDB) is an annotated and curated relational database of glycan structures from glycoproteins.
  • EUROCarbDB: An experimental and structural database.
  • GlycoMod: A tool for calculating the composition of glycans from MS data.
  • SugarBind: A database of pathogen-glycan interactions.
  • GLYCAM: An environment for exploring 3-D glycan and glycoprotein structures.
  • RINGS: A web resource providing algorithmic and data mining tools.
  • MonosaccharideDB: MonosaccharideDB is a comprehensive resource of monosaccharide data and information.
  • GlycomeDB: A portal for querying across the digital world of carbohydrate sequences.
  • UniCarb-KB: UniCarb-KB builds on the efforts of GlycoSuiteDB to provide curated glycan structures from glycoproteins.
  • EuroCarb on Google CodeOpen Source code of the EuroCarb project - a useful source of glycan bioinformatics tools.

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